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Software is a general term used for computer Programs. A computer program is a planned, step by step set of instruction that directs the computer what to do and how to do. It turns the data into information - that makes a computer useful. Software is the general name given to all the programs (instruction) and data necessary to make the computer usable. The term software refers to the non-physical elements of a computer system.
Windows, Visual Basic, Avast Anti virus, Microsoft Word,Excel and the Power Point are the examples of Software.

Generally speaking Software can be categorized as:

(1) System Software (2) Application Software.

System Software:
The programs directly related to the computer hardware and perform tasks associated with controlling and utilizing computer hardware are known as system Software.
System Software does not solve a specific problem for the user rather it helps to solve a problem.

System Software are as follows.

TYPES OF System Software:


Operating system are the most important system software. Operating system is a set of programs that control and supervises the hardware of a computer and provides services to application software, programmers and users of computer.
Without operating system a computer cannot do anything useful.

Data-management software includes database and file management programs that manage data for an operating system. They can organize, update and print data.

These are programs that users can purchase as separate products to perform a wide range of functions. The programs for these functions are PC-Tools, scan Disk, NORTAN DISK DOCTOR(NDD), Anti virus and some of the utilities that are mostly bundled with the operating system.


An application is a job or task a user wants to accomplish through a computer. Application software are programs that help a user perform a specific job.

"FOR EXAMPLE:" Application software enables a user to write a letter and/or create a drawing. It helps the user work faster, more efficientl and thus provide more productivity than manual performance.

TYPES OF Application Software:

Application software can be grouped into two broad categories.

These are called packaged software or commercial software. A single software can be applied to a wide variety of tasks. By using such software a user can fulfill his or her general needs.

General software includes, MS OFFICE, Corel Draw, Page maker, Adobe Photo Shop, etc.

The software that is designed to perform a specific task is known as special purpose application software. This is also called Custom software. The software can perform only one task for which it has been designed. Custom software for the tasks of a large organization may be extremely complex and takes a lot of time to develop.

FOR EXAMPLE: Software to process inventory control, software to maintain Bank Accounts, software used in Airline Booking System, etc.

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