Monday, August 31, 2009

Internet download manager (beta) 5.18

ZOMBI here brings the information as under,

The newer version of IDM is very best in downloading what ever you want, as quick you want. This is very fast software to download anything.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009


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"Flock browser is the latest and the fastest browser. It has been powered by "MOZILLA", it is one of the best browser. The downloading option and other features are very high. It shows the result with in a jiffy.
This is amazing as I am too enjoying this."

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


ZOMBI here brings the information as under,

"VBUZZER" may be known software or not. In Pakistan mostly even majority doesn't know about this great software. Now ZOMBI here brings the link to download this software. This is the messenger typed software which enables us to use YAHOO id or MSN plus V BUZZER id or other id all at ones. AMAZING? yeah it is amazing we can use multiple accounts in only one messenger. And you can send SMS and make a call by this software.

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

TeamViewer 1.89

Zombi here brings the information as under,

"As like net meeting, it is the fster software than net meting. It is useful to contol the desktop of some one who you have called through this software. It is normally helpful at the ADMIN stage, like if a net provider has this software and his user has some problems and the ADMIN does't want to go to his home to solve the problem, so he can easily use and get access to his user's dsktop through using this software."

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Windows Media Player (64-bit) 11

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Windows Media Player 11 for Windows XP offers great new ways to store and enjoy all your music, video, pictures, and recorded TV. You can Play it, view it, and sync it to a portable device to enjoy on the go or even share with devices around your home.

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Trend Micro AntiVirus plus AntiSpyware 17.10

ZOMBI here brings the information as under,

This software detects and removes adware and spyware from your home computer. It is an essential security you need to safeguard all your data and files with automatic scans, updates, and outbreak alerts.

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VirtualLab Data Recovery 5.5.17

ZOMBI here brings the information as under,

This software is helpful in recovering the lost data of your PC. This is amazing, if you have deleted by mistake any data, you can easily recover by using this software.

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Software is a general term used for computer Programs. A computer program is a planned, step by step set of instruction that directs the computer what to do and how to do. It turns the data into information - that makes a computer useful. Software is the general name given to all the programs (instruction) and data necessary to make the computer usable. The term software refers to the non-physical elements of a computer system.
Windows, Visual Basic, Avast Anti virus, Microsoft Word,Excel and the Power Point are the examples of Software.

Generally speaking Software can be categorized as:

(1) System Software (2) Application Software.

System Software:
The programs directly related to the computer hardware and perform tasks associated with controlling and utilizing computer hardware are known as system Software.
System Software does not solve a specific problem for the user rather it helps to solve a problem.

System Software are as follows.

TYPES OF System Software:


Operating system are the most important system software. Operating system is a set of programs that control and supervises the hardware of a computer and provides services to application software, programmers and users of computer.
Without operating system a computer cannot do anything useful.

Data-management software includes database and file management programs that manage data for an operating system. They can organize, update and print data.

These are programs that users can purchase as separate products to perform a wide range of functions. The programs for these functions are PC-Tools, scan Disk, NORTAN DISK DOCTOR(NDD), Anti virus and some of the utilities that are mostly bundled with the operating system.


An application is a job or task a user wants to accomplish through a computer. Application software are programs that help a user perform a specific job.

"FOR EXAMPLE:" Application software enables a user to write a letter and/or create a drawing. It helps the user work faster, more efficientl and thus provide more productivity than manual performance.

TYPES OF Application Software:

Application software can be grouped into two broad categories.

These are called packaged software or commercial software. A single software can be applied to a wide variety of tasks. By using such software a user can fulfill his or her general needs.

General software includes, MS OFFICE, Corel Draw, Page maker, Adobe Photo Shop, etc.

The software that is designed to perform a specific task is known as special purpose application software. This is also called Custom software. The software can perform only one task for which it has been designed. Custom software for the tasks of a large organization may be extremely complex and takes a lot of time to develop.

FOR EXAMPLE: Software to process inventory control, software to maintain Bank Accounts, software used in Airline Booking System, etc.

(NOTE: The site is under construction. As I am searching more about software. So that, The visitors may find some antic information.

AVG Anti-Virus Plus Firewall 8.5.287

ZOMBI here brings the information as under,

"AVG Anti-Virus plus Firewall Edition is the ideal product to protect your single home PC or workstation from external threats such as viruses, the Internet, and other network users. It is simple to install and operate. No IT expertise is required and it can run in the background. All unauthorized network activity is stopped, allowing you to get on with your work without worrying about viruses coming through internet."

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Norton AntiVirus 2009 16.0

ZOMBI here brings the information as under,

Norton AntiVirus 2009 provides fast, responsive defense against all types of malicious software including viruses, spyware, worms, and other software threats. It protects your system without slowing it down. Rapid pulse updates every 5 to 15 minutes help to ensure that you're protected from the latest threats.

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Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition Update 10.2.2

ZMOBI here brings the information as under,

Symantec Anti-virus Corporate Edition provides scalable, cross-platform virus protection for workstations and network servers throughout the enterprise. Symantec System Center enables centralized configuration, deployment, policy management, and reporting*, and allows administrators to audit the network to determine which nodes are vulnerable to virus attacks. Administrators can manage client and server groups logically, and can create, deploy, and lock down security policies and settings to keep systems up-to-date and properly configured.

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Tiny Personal Firewall 6.5

ZOMBI here brings the information as under,

Tiny Personal Firewall integrates several protection layers for the ultimate safety of the desktop and server. This is the best which helps from the hackers or the viruses through the internet.

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Monday, August 3, 2009

Internet Radio 2.1

ZOMBI here tells the information as under,

"Internet Radio is a nifty little add-on for Internet Explorer 6 or 7 that enables you to listen to thousands of radio stations from around the world while using your browser. The advantage of this is that you can listen to your favourite radio stations without having to open multiple browsers or search for Radio channels.

Once you download the software, the on screen instructions will guide you through the installation process. A radio icon will then be displayed on your Internet Explorer browser which you can activate by clicking on it. The 'Internet Radio' will automatically start and remain at the top of the browser screen. Simply select the country and channel you want and you can then customise the colors and interface. It has to be said that some of the channels are pretty obscure but there's plenty of choice.

On the right-hand side of the interface, there's a "Hide / Show" button which can be used to toggle the visibility of the player. If you're a radio junkie, this is a great plug-in although many of the channels are so bad, you won't be tuning in regularly!"

To download this click the link below,


Internet Download Manager 5.16

ZOMBI here tells about internet download manager as,

"High speed Internet connections are quite common now but that doesn’t mean we don’t sometimes need some help when it comes to downloading game demos, videos, MP3 collections and other big files. So, even if you’re enjoying the fastest router in the neighborhood, take a look at Internet Download Manager, because it really has a lot to offer.

This excellent app will take care of all your downloads from the moment you install it on your PC. You can add new download tasks from the program’s interface but the usual thing is to let it capture the links. This means that every time you click on a certain file type (which can be specified through configuration options), IDM will handle the download for itself rather than letting the browser do the job. It’s a really handy option because everything is automatic: no changing from one app to another, no copying and pasting links, just no hassle at all. Also, it works with all major web browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera.

Once IDM captures the link, you can either start to download the file right away or add it to a download list for later, which can be a good alternative if you need all of your bandwidth for the moment and plan to leave the computer on during the night. Downloads can be classified into custom categories right before starting them and can also be resumed if the connection is lost or broken for some reason.

As regards download speeds, Internet Download Manager does meet expectations, although it all depends on your Internet access. That is, don’t expect to download at the speed of light if you’re still using one of those old-fashioned 56K modems. Anyhow, IDM achieves quite satisfying download rates as a result of establishing multiple thread connections to servers. Also, it displays a small window with some interesting information about the download process: transfer rate, data downloaded so far, time left and a neat progress bar for each thread.

The program’s configuration menu displays a wide range of functions and tools devoted to handling your downloads, such as checking files for viruses directly from IDM with your own antivirus system or limiting the amount of bandwidth used by the program. There’s also support for server authentication and proxy, FTP and HTTPS servers."

To download this click the given link,


Passcape Internet Explorer Password Recovery

ZOMBI brings information as,

"Passcape Internet Explorer Password Recovery is a comprehensive solution for recovering all types of Internet Explorer saved passwords: cached credentials, FTP passwords, Internet Explorer autoform and autocomplete fields, autocomplete passwords, synchronization passwords, identity passwords, Content Advisor password.


  • Recover all types of Internet Explorer saved passwords
  • Choose between two (automatic and manual) recovery modes
  • Export passwords to text, html or excel files
  • Turn on/off IE password caching
  • Remove or add new IE password resources
  • Manage Content Advisor password
  • Decrypt passwords directly from Windows registry files. If your system is unbootable, just copy NTUSER.DAT registry file to a floppy or flash drive and then feed it to PIEPR
  • Reveal passwords hidden behind asterisks
  • View and organize IE cookies, cached entries, favorites, typed URLs
  • Multilingual passwords support
  • Friendly wizard interface
  • Detailed help
  • Install/uninslall support



OS requirements for Passcape Internet Explorer Password Recovery:

  • OS: Win98/98SE/Me/2000/XP

To download please click given link,


Flatland Rover - Internet Explorer 3.5

ZOMBI brings information as under,

"Flatland Rover is a software program that visualizes web pages in 3D. It displays 3D spots written in 3DML (Three Dimensional Markup Language). According to Flatland, 3DML requires no previous experience with 3D modeling or programming, and is as easy to learn as HTML. 3DML uses a basic building block metaphor that enables users to create 3D spaces by arranging ready made blocks into complete environments. Content developed in this format can turn Web pages into full Web environments that users want to spend more time exploring. 3DML pages take advantage of the third dimension to provide more screen real estate for images, links and information. Rover features DirectX support and support for common Web graphics and audio formats such as GIF, GIF animation and WAV."

To download this software please click on the given link,


Pictures Toolbar for Internet Explorer 2.0.01

ZOMBI here brings the information about "PICTURE TOOLBAR" as under,

" The Pictures toolbar is an easy-to-use image downloader implemented as a toolbar in the Internet Explorer. It allows you to easily download tons of images while browsing the web with Internet Explorer."

To download this please click on the given link,


Mouse Gestures for Internet Explorer

ZOMBI herebrings the information about the helping software for I.E as,

"Mouse Gestures is a plug-in for Internet Explorer that adds Opera/Firefox style mouse gesture support. Mouse gestures allow the user to execute commonly performed tasks (open/close a window) by drawing a simple symbol on the screen. The latest version includes support for IE7's tabbed browsing."

To download this please click the given link.


PhishGuard for Internet Explorer 2.1.131

ZOMBI here brings the information about "PHISH GUARD" as under,

"PhishGuard is a free service that detects and rapidly disables Internet "phishing" or "spoofing" attacks designed to steal critical financial data. PhishGuard works with all popular browsers on Microsoft Windows computers. The first person to discover a suspected phishing scam can report the offending email or URL (website address), literally in seconds. There is no need to divulge any confidential information to the scammers. Within minutes, our monitoring team has verified the scam, and added it to the ScamBase™ database. Updates to the database are rapidly distributed to every participating computer, effectively immunizing them against the newly discovered scam."

To download this please click given link.


SiteAdvisor Plug-in for Internet Explorer 2.6

ZOMBI tells you about the plug-in for I.E(INTERNET EXPLORER).

These are helper for I.E.

You may download from the given link.



ZOMBI tells here a great browser which is being used by every one in the world and is most popular. ZOMBI has no beautiful words to say the golden words for this software. It has its own beauty and every body enjoys its fastness.

To download this click the given link.


MICROSOFT OFFICE 2010 (Beta v14.0.4006.1010) x86 and x64

ZOMBI wants to tell about a great software which is used every where in the office work. tThose who know how to operate this, gets benefits in the professional life in their work place.

ZOMBI has searched the link to download this beautiful software. To download this please click on the given link.


Saturday, August 1, 2009


ZOMBI here brings the information about PHOTO SHOP while searching which is as under,

"A leading paint program from Adobe Systems, Inc. For many years, Photoshop has been the model against which other paint programs are compared. Initially, it ran only on Macintosh systems, which was a strong selling point for Macs, especially among graphic artists. Today, Photoshop runs on both Macs and Windows PCs."

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